Frequently Asked Questions

See below the complete list of most frequently asked questions.


See below the complete list of our most frequently asked questions.

Top FAQs

Are Steel Buildings Safe?


Steel is incredibly fire-resistant. Our steel buildings are also built strong enough to withstand the heaviest weather, so rest assured that your building will be protected against strong winds, snow, and rain.


What kind of insulation options does Metal Pro offer?

Building experts at Metal Pro can recommend a variety of different insulation materials for steel buildings. Available as a pre-cut blanket for easy installation. It is used for ceiling and walls insulation in pre-engineered buildings.

Arch type structures are compatible with all conventional insulation methods – spray on, fiberglass rolls, or rigid foam.

What custom accessories does Metal Pro offer?

Metal Pro provides a complete array of standard accessory items available for all structure types. Including: Skylights, Windows, Doors, Ventilator fans, single nuts and bolts system, baseplates, u-channels and much more.

Are metal sheds cheaper?

When comparing metal shed buildings to traditional building materials, metal buildings are always the cheapest. Wooden sheds tend to be more expensive, as wood is more expensive than steel.

Are metal building homes cheaper than traditional builds?

Yes, Steel is a strong cost effective solution for your building needs. Insurance is often cheaper for steel homes because they are capable of handling extreme weather and are incredibly fire-resistant making them much cheaper than traditional homes.

How much does a 20x30 metal building cost?

Based on your specific model, design and geographic location the price will vary, on average a 20×30 steel building erected in Ontario, Canada costs around $8000. Click Here to calculate the exact price based on your location.

What is the average cost of a 40x60 metal building?

Depending on your specific model choice and geographic location, the price of a 40×60 metal building averages at $21,000 (based on the current price of steel). Click Here to calculate the exact price based on your location.


What is the average price of a 60x100 steel building?

Based on your specific model, design and geographic location, a 60×100 steel building averages around $55,900. Click Here to calculate the exact price based on your location.


Why can’t I get an instant list of prices? Why are no Prices Listed?

Every building project is unique and every Metal Pro structure is designed to meet your exact needs at your specific geographic location. In order to calculate your building’s price, we will need to take into account local snow and seismic load requirements. Any accessory options will also impact the overall price of the kit. For these reasons, there is no default pricing for steel buildings and the price for every building project is calculated based on your specific requirements and location. Click Here to calculate the exact price based on your location.


Building Cost FAQs

Installation FAQs

Can I assemble the building kit myself? How long is the average erection time?

Yes, our basic steel building kits can certainly be a do-it-yourself project that can be completed over the course of a few days with the help of a small team. Our larger, specialized steel building kits may require more skilled help and equipment, depending on size and complexity.

Does Metal Pro provide installation support?

Metal Pro’s steel building kits are designed to be constructed with minimal tools and a small crew, Every kit comes with easy to follow installation instructions, making them incredibly extremely easy to assemble. We are also more than able to connect you with  contractors in your area to get your project completed “hands-free”.

What tools and equipment are needed to erect a Metal Pro building kit?

To assemble one of our steel building kits, you would only need basic hand tools and chains or ropes for lifting the arches. In some cases, a forklift has been known to be extremely useful in removing and arranging the building pallets at the time of delivery.

We Are Always Available to Answer Any Specific Questions


Buying and constructing a steel building is always a huge decision, so you need to make sure you’re doing it right! That’s why you deserve to work with a company you can trust, and no one offers you the same benefits as Metal Pro Buildings. We make construction easy with our available kits, but that’s just the beginning, our highly-dedicated team of building specialists will work with you every step of the way to get you the building of your dreams!

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