From agricultural storage for tractors and machinery to providing shelter for livestock, you can count on our farm buildings to give you superior strength and long-lasting reliability for years to come.

Metal Pro Buildings for Agriculture & Farming


100% Canadian owned and operated in Ontario, Canada, ranking highest in the prefabricated steel buildings industry. We use AZ180 steel for all of our buildings, it is the highest steel grade available. Every kit comes with 3 sets of certified foundation and engineered drawings stamped by a Canadian engineer.

Agricultural Building with large storage silos.

When you need a building for agricultural purposes, our metal barns and structures are the perfect choice!

Order an easy-to-construct custom farm shed, and you will get yourself a building to shelter livestock or store farm equipment or crops, hay or grain.  

Agricultural operations have practically limitless needs, and our agricultural buildings are perfect for a wide range of uses.

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Our Farm Buildings’ Advanced Manufacturing Process

When you order a farm building from Metal Pro, we will begin by custom engineering the building to meet your exact needs, including the specific wind and snow needs for your location. Your building will then be constructed out of commercial gauge steel, using an arch design to create unbeatable strength and longevity.

The steel arch building is a perfect design structure for your agricultural or farm storage building. This is a classic engineering principle that has been used for thousands of years. Although our buildings use advanced materials and state-of-the-art alloys, it’s the arch design that provides the outstanding strength our customers have come to expect.

High-Quality Steel Provides the Much Needed Strength and Durability You Expect From Your Building

Your farm building needs to withstand the most rugged conditions. Like you, it can’t let a little foul weather keep it from doing its job. Fortunately, our steel barn kits are able to withstand the roughest conditions.

Our steel agricultural storage buildings are a perfect replacement for wooden structures, largely because of their unbeatable durability, strength and rot-resistance.

Made with High-Quality AZ180 Steel

Our barns use an advanced zinc-aluminum alloy that provides superior corrosion resistance with heat reflectivity. The result is a barn that maintains strength over time with the long-lasting quality you demand.

Thanks to advanced engineering techniques, our buildings have stood up against hurricanes, tornadoes and countless blizzards. Whatever comes your way, your Metal Pro building will hold up to the challenge!

30 Year Warranty

To give you some added peace of mind, we have given our agricultural buildings a 30-year warranty. You can rest easy knowing your building is built to last and supported by a fantastic warranty and dedicated support team.


Clear-Span Design for Farm Storage Building

Your agricultural storage building from Metal Pro is made with a clear-span design. This means there are no trusses or other obstructions in the building, which clears up the space for storage. You can stack hay as high as you like or use the building to store precious agricultural equipment and machinery. Thanks to 100% usable space, our buildings are the perfect economical option for your agricultural storage needs.

Easy to Construct Agricultural Buildings 

We intentionally made our buildings easy to construct. With a simple yet effective design, our steel barn kits can be built in as little as a few days, giving you a building that delivers convenience and regulated quality evaluated by the Canadian Farm Builders Association.

One of the aspects that make our buildings so easy to assemble is our use of universal nuts and bolts. Every connection point uses the exact same bolt and nut size, so you won’t have to search through a pile of different building materials. This reduces the hassle when constructing the barn and allows you and your team to assemble the steel barn faster than ever.

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  • 5 star review  Thank you Roman, Danny and Vince for your informed, patient and professional service. Your understanding of your products and your gracious way of communicating to ensure that I understood what I needed for my storage is appreciated. Thank you for your impressive customer driven service. From pricing to product information and assistance you surpassed my expectations. Again, thank you for the great team effort in servicing us. Excellent customer-driven service! -Brenda Fleming

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    5 star review  My experience from the beginning was very informative. My sales rep was Vince and between the 2 of us we worked the project through to the end . His experience and patience was very welcomed. Can’t wait to take delivery of our product and give an update. Thanks MPB !

    thumb Paul Hackett
  • 5 star review  Had an overall good experience. Roman was very kind and helped me with the customization of my Garden shed. Roman was great through out the process to make sure I was 100% satisfied with my overall experience. He is professional and knows what he is doing. I would definitely recommend Metal Pro Buildings for steel building projects. Thank you Roman.

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    5 star review  I just purchased a garage from Danny Kalpakis and i was so impressed with his professionalism and how he didnt come across as "some sales guy on the phone" I really lucked out finding the right company and a good guy to deal with. I will be passing on this company as a recommendation to others just on the grounds of how I was treated as a client. Thanks againMatt

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 The Versatility You Need for Agricultural Buildings

If you work in agriculture, you need to be versatile and have numerous skills. You need to repair equipment, fix motors, care for animals, and ensure plants are growing strong. You need to be a mechanic in the morning, a veterinarian before lunch, and a horticulturist in the afternoon. From caretaker to toolmaker, there is no end to the different tasks you need to complete.

Your agricultural buildings should have the same versatility.

With Metal Pro, you can order metal sheds and barn kits that are engineered to meet your specific needs. You can find models that are available in 10-foot lengths, 150-foot lengths and everything in between. Customizing your building is easy with our ordering process and outstanding personalized customer service. Rest assured we can create the exact building you need for any of task!



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