Finding the right storage solution for your equipment can be tricky, particularly if your equipment is on the larger side. At Metal Pro you can order custom steel buildings for virtually any equipment you need to store.

Build Your Storage Solution With Metal Pro Buildings

100% Canadian owned and operated in Ontario, Canada, ranking highest in the prefabricated steel buildings industry. We use AZ180 steel for all of our buildings, it is the highest steel grade available, with 3 sets of certified engineered and foundation drawings stamped by a Canadian engineer.

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Our metal buildings provide everything you could want in an equipment storage solution, including simple construction and extreme durability. Find out why you should choose one of our metal buildings for your equipment storage building needs and learn a little bit about our high-quality products.

Quality Materials For Your Storage Buildings

When you’re looking for the storage building, the most important factor is finding an option that will shield your possessions from harm. This means that you need to make sure that your storage building is constructed using strong materials, which is exactly what you’ll get when you choose to work with us.

We construct our buildings using 22-gauge or thicker steel, making them some of the toughest equipment storage buildings on the market today. In addition to being resistant to fire, our buildings can be customized so that they will be able to stand up to the typical weather conditions in your area, including snow and wind.

Because they are constructed from metal, our buildings are extremely durable. However, we want to make sure that your storage solution will last as long as you want and need, which is why we add a coat of Galvalume Plus to our structures. This protecting helps to improve the sturdiness of your building, making it resistant to both ultraviolet sunlight and damage from rust. If you want an equipment storage building that’s made with the most reliable materials possible, you should be sure to choose one or our metal buildings.


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Speedy Construction

When you need to store your equipment, you want to do so without delay, which makes it important to select a storage solution that can be constructed quickly and easily. While there are several benefits to purchasing one of our buildings, ultra-fast construction is one of the most enticing.

The metal buildings we offer are prefabricated, which means they can be constructed in a very short period of time. In addition, all connections use the same size nuts and bolts so that you don’t have to be an expert to put together one of our buildings. Shortly after you make your purchase, you can erect your building and provide your valuable equipment with the unbeatable protection that it deserves.

Example of the interior of one of our Quonset steel workshops for sale

Arch Design

Whether your storing bulky equipment or simply want to make sure that you’ll never run out of room, you need a building that will help you maximize your space, and this is another reason you should consider choosing one of our structures.

Unlike other equipment storage buildings, which require support from beams and trusses, the arch style buildings require no added support. In effect, this means you’ll be able to use every square foot of space in your building to store your equipment. With our buildings, you’ll never run out of the space that you need for your possessions


The manufacturer provides a complete array of standard accessory items available for all structure types.

Ventilator fans, single nuts and bolts system, baseplates, u-channels and other

Skylights, Door Lights Wall Lights

Wide variety of fiberglass panels formed to the shape of the basic building components. Material is a quality 12 oz ., 16 oz. , or 24 oz. fiberglass panel designed to install as a replacement for standard steel sections for ease of erection.


Building experts at Metal Pro can recommend a variety of different insulation materials for steel buildings. Available as a pre-cut blanket for the easy installation.
It is used for ceiling and walls insulation in pre-engineered buildings.

Arch type structures are compatible with all conventional insulation methods – spray on, fiberglass rolls, or rigid foam.

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Although the most important part of equipment buildings is making sure you have enough floor space, it’s also vital that you have the accessories that you need to optimize your structure. By shopping with us, you’ll have access to a wide range of top-notch accessories, ensuring that your building fits you like a glove.

For instance, we offer multiple door styles, including garage and sliding doors that will make it easier for you to move your large equipment into and out of your building. You can even add skylights to your building so that you’ll always have enough lighting when you’re working on your equipment.

Our success is measured by how our clients feel about their experience with us

  • 4 star review  A friend of mine built one of these buildings last year and was in a contest through Metal Pro on the aesthetics of the buildings and how great you can make them look . It was a great idea by Metal Pro because the contest gives exposure to their buildings . I ended up buying one of these buildings and am currently in the process of building . I bought my garage / shop through sales rep Oliver Meixner . He was a super great person to deal with . If I called him with a question he always got right back to me . He is always very forthright and always positive to speak with . I recommend if you are interested in a building ask for Oliver . I'm sure the other sales reps are great but I'm just saying I know how it all went with Oliver and you will be happy with his help whether you buy a building or not . So far the build has been going smoothly with no surprises . The building is up and currently framing in the ends .I bought a 30x30 open ended shop so that I can frame in the ends and make them look like my home . The great thing about these units is that you can build them with you and a few buddies and save on Labour , plus they are galvanized and warrantied for 30 years . Richard L

    thumb Richard Lindekamp

    5 star review  After much deliberation and careful planning, I'm finally getting my new twin garage buildings! I was so happy to work with Metal Pro! It has been a smooth sailing since day 1! Can't thank you guys enough for making my new garage a reality! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for steel buildings, seriously great guys here! Thanks again!

    thumb Selen Kaya
  • 5 star review  I have been working with Vince Delio to purchase my new work shop. He has made buying a Metal Pro building very easy. I am impressed with his knowledge and willingness to help me bring it all together. Today it is rare to find a sales person who actuality takes the time to insure everything is right and will meet your requirements. Well done Vince Thank you.

    thumb Robin Sanders

    5 star review  I spoke with Account Manager Roman Grigoriev last week. He was not only wonderfully communicative in how he educated me about Metal Pro products, but he elucidated many other aspects about the use of your products for a building. For example, Roman pointed out the superior quality of the steel Metal Pro uses, its anti-corrosive properties, different thicknesses for various applications (heavy snowfalls, etc.) and how the arches are secured into a poured concrete foundation. I know that, once I find the land for my residential build, I will definitely call on Roman for my metal arches framing. This man knows the business and explains everything so well, he definitely inspired great confidence in me, and enthusiastically offered his support and assistance for my project. Thank you, Roman!

    thumb Elizabeth Kaplan

Easy Equipment Storage

Anyone that needs an effective and reliable equipment storage sheds solution should choose a quality metal building from Metal Pro Buildings. Our buildings are second to none, are a great choice for your commercial or residential equipment storage needs.

When you make the wise choice of investing in one of our buildings, you’ll be able to protect your important equipment for years to come. Best of all, our buildings are virtually maintenance-free, helping you to control your costs over time. Contact us today to find out which of our buildings will meet your equipment storage requirements and to request a quote.

Meta: Find out why you should choose one of our metal buildings for your equipment storage needs and learn a little bit about our high-quality products.


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