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Are you looking for a strong, secure storage shed for your tools, yard equipment, or small machinery? We have you covered! We ship our steel sheds all across North America straight from our factory in Ontario, Canada.

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Build Your Metal Shed With Metal Pro Buildings

100% Canadian-owned and operated in Ontario, Canada, ranking the highest in the industry of prefabricated steel buildings. We use AZ180 steel for all of our buildings, it is the highest steel grade available. Every kit has 3 sets of certified foundations and engineered drawings stamped by a Canadian engineer.

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Steel Structure Building
Farm Building

We offer a full selection of outstanding metal buildings of all sizes, including storage sheds for a wide range of purposes in Canada. We can help you get an agricultural building for storing the most massive tractors and machinery. We can also deliver a small shed that fits perfectly on your lot.

You have a lot of money invested in your yard equipment. From garden tractors to lawnmowers to trimmers and edgers, you likely have tens of thousands of dollars in equipment. Don’t take chances when you can have an affordable, convenient building from Metal Pro!

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Create Steel Sheds that Meets Your Needs

When you work with us for your outdoor storage building, you’ll be able to choose from prefabricated sheds that come in a large variety of size. Our buildings are available in widths of 10 to 150 feet, so you can choose the precise size for your equipment storage and agricultural needs.

Select the doors and features that work for your building as well. For example, if you need a shed that will store a small tractor with a wide scoop bucket, you can choose a sliding door that gives you the right access. If you want added convenience, you can create a metal storage shed with a mechanical rising garage door. You can also select skylights, ventilators, and other features to make the shed 100% your own!


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  • As a follow up to my interaction with Mr. Jude Cassimy from whom I obtained an estimate for a steel building. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the pleasant and professional communications I had with him in the process of evaluating the technology for our needs. Even though we did not proceed with your offer I was left with a very positive impression of the quality of your product and the willingness of Mr. Cassimy to go the extra mile in answering my many questions related to the steel building technology. I certainly would not hesitate in referring anyone of my friends to Mr. Cassimy for their steel building needs. My best regards, Alfred

    Alfred Dufour Avatar Alfred Dufour
    August 27, 2022

    We ordered an S Model 25Wx16Lx12H from Metal Pro Buildings with an R-20 insulation kit for a project in Northern Ontario. They were very thorough and helpful throughout the ordering process ensuring we had all the bases covered and at a very reasonable price. Thanks Jude!

    Caleb Boulet Avatar Caleb Boulet
    August 26, 2022
  • While looking into options for building a small shed, I came across Metal Pro Buildings. Jude responded to my inquiry the next day and was very helpful in refining my design in order to get a quote, which arrived the next day. It was very detailed, including pricing, design and pictures of similar structures built in the past. In the end, these buildings did not fit my budget, but Jude made the inquiry and design process very easy.

    D C Avatar D C
    August 17, 2022

    Je viens de commander un garage. Pour le moment, j'ai une excellente expérience d'achat avec George Ladrick. Je ferai une mise à jour de cet avis une fois le projet complété.

    Raphael Borcard Avatar Raphael Borcard
    August 2, 2022

Our success is measured by how our clients feel about their experience with us


A Storage Shed Design Built For Ages

While we use advanced, state-of-the metal alloys to create world-class buildings, we also use something that has been around for thousands of years: the arch design. By manufacturing our buildings with an arch design, we are able to create sturdier buildings that last for generations. Compared to straight-wall buildings with sharp corners, our steel arch buildings can withstand more weight, including snow.

The arch design also allows us to create steel sheds that have no trusses or other overhead obstructions, meaning you can take better advantage from every cubic foot of space. For small metal sheds, getting the most from your space is essential, which makes our building incredibly popular. If you want to store a tall toolbox or stack materials for a hobby, a shed without trusses allows you to get the best from your space.

Steel storage shed for an outdoor use
Premade Buildings On Sale

Simple Ordering around Canada and USA and Construction Make Ownership a Breeze

From start to finish, we make the ordering and construction process easy. With minimal maintenance, long-term ownership is a breeze too.

When you contact Metal Pro, you’ll work with a knowledgeable expert who understands the importance of metal buildings. We’ll listen to your needs and help you make the right decision for size, accessories, doors, and other features. We’ll also make the ordering process easy with a simple and straight-forward process.

When your building materials arrive, you’ll be able to construct the metal storage sheds in Canada quickly, often in a few days or less. Everything is easy to assemble, and all connection points use the exact same sizes for nuts and bolts. This means everything is uniform and you can quickly get to work creating your building. With the help of a few friends and family members, you can likely construct your long-lasting building on a quick weekend.

Take Advantage of all the benefits Galvalume Plus Metal Sheds in Canada have to offer!

All of the buildings made by Metal Pro, from massive industrial storage or agricultural buildings to small metal sheds, are made with Galvalume Plus steel. This is one of the most corrosion-resistant metals on the market. Galvalume Plus is made with an alloy of zinc and aluminum, which provides the steel building material with corrosion resistance and heat reflection. Galvalume Plus has been so effective that is has outperformed industry standards for over 28 years.

No matter what size you choose, you’ll get material that is always 22-gauge steel or thicker. We only use commercial-grade steel, which further enhances the long-term quality and reliability of your building.

Because your steel shed is made from steel and not wood, you will have a building that is resistant to rotting, resulting in a structure that lasts much longer. Metal buildings also won’t harbor termites and other critters that are attracted to wood. It’s just another reason why Metal Pro steel sheds are a popular choice among homeowners, property owners, farmers, ranchers, and business owners.



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