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 Pre-engineered buildings from Metal Pro that are constructed from heavy-gauge stainless steel can provide the exact building for your specific needs.


There are many benefits to using pre-engineered storage buildings. These buildings use tried-and-true architectural methods, meaning they are built to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. Whether you’re warehousing inventory, storing an RV or heavy equipment, or using it as personal boat storage, you’ll find these buildings are up to the task.

Pre-engineered buildings cost less than most new construction, and because they use a standard, single-size nut and bolt, they assemble quickly, often erected within a day. They are built with Galvalume Plus, a 100% AZ180 material using a specialized zinc-aluminum alloy that offers corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity.


With our metal buildings, equipment storage has never been easier or sturdier. We offer extreme durability, simple construction and maximum usable space. Our metal is, at minimum, 22-gauge or thicker steel and coated with Galvalume Plus, offering the toughest structures on the market. Our pre-engineered buildings are fire-resistant and can be customized to stand against any typical weather conditions in your area.


Need to replace an existing garage or add a new garage with loft for extra vehicle storage? Our prefab garages are the solution. These tough structures are great for cars, tractors or even other forms of machinery like farm equipment. They’re good for storing an RV or boat and are perfect for auto shops that need to shelter customer vehicles. Our structures use a timeless arch design to provide outstanding stability and the smart design assembles for most buildings within a day.


Pre-engineered metal frame houses can provide an ideal living situation that’s both sturdy and economical. Not only do these buildings go up within just a few days in most cases, but they will also stand against the harshest environmental conditions, can be completely customized to your specific living needs, and they can cost as little as 10% of a traditional home price! With siding options that look like real brick or wood, there’s no reason not to consider this option.


Agricultural buildings can cover a variety of needs. Our prefab metal frame structures can serve as a barn, tractor and machinery storage, livestock shelters, grain storage and more. They are made with advanced manufacturing processes and are custom engineered to your specific needs. They can withstand rugged conditions and heavy use with unbeatable strength and durability. These buildings are custom-designed to your exact specifications and will stand the test of time for many years of agricultural use.


Unused shipping containers can take up a lot of space on your lot. Why not turn them into usable storage by investing in a sturdy metal container cover? This roof system is durable and affordable, offering the perfect solution to add storage space to your property. You can connect empty spaces between containers to create brand-new coverings that are usable in any way you like. As with all of our structures, these solutions offer affordable, easy, fast and durable construction.


Whether you’re a small regional airport or you own your own personal aircraft, you’ll need hangar storage. Our prefabricated metal aircraft hangars make sure you’re always ready to take to the skies. Our specialists can help you design an airport with high-quality buildings and hangars that completely protect your planes from weather and environmental harm. The arch style offers 100% usable space and we offer a wealth of customization options for any size or kind of hangar you need.


Industrial steel buildings are an excellent economical alternative for constructing a trucking terminal, manufacturing facility, industrial garage, warehouse or anything in between. Going with industrial steel buildings will save you incredible amounts of time and labour costs, especially when compared to a conventional building of brick, stone or wood because our steel buildings erect quickly, with minimal help, most of our building kits can be assembled in just a few days. All of our industrial steel buildings are specifically designed to maximize the usable space within your square footage without sacrificing durability.


Whether you’re in the market for a new storefront for your business, a commercial storage facility to store inventory or anything in between. When it comes to commercial steel buildings, Metal Pro is the best option. When you choose Metal Pro for your business’s next prefabricated building, you’re choosing a company that will work with you every step of the way until the job is done. From our painless designing and ordering processes to our easy to follow building kit instructions, building with Metal Pro is always a breeze.



We know that every operation has different needs, which is why we offer six warehouse models from which you can choose. The length of our warehouses is unlimited, and they can be up to 100 feet wide, allowing you to construct a warehouse at the exact size that you want. No matter what you need to be stored, you can create a dependable metal warehouse by working with us.


Determine the price of your steel building by entering the size, usage, and type of your building here

There are various applications for our buildings, which include prefab garages, hangars, container covers, houses, sheds, workshops, warehouses, and storage facilities for general purpose, vehicles, and equipment. Customization for these metal buildings includes options for sliding and rising garage doors or standard swing doors, a choice of end caps, window and skylight options, and for residential buildings, exterior finishing that looks like traditional brick, wood or siding.

From storage buildings to garages, pre engineered buildings Ontario to agricultural buildings, from container covers to aircraft hangars, our buildings can cover every commercial, industrial, agricultural or residential need. In the galleries below you’ll find links to each of our various classifications of buildings, and each link will take you to a page highlighting what that style of structure can do for your home or business. Learn how pre-engineered buildings by Metal Pro can solve all your storage or living needs with a customized structure that will stand strong for many years.

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