See below the different models of Quonset buildings. Alpine, Arch-Style, Econospan, S-Style and Q-Models from Metal Pro Buildings provides high-quality custom pre-engineered buildings for every need.


Econospan Quonset Buildings


  Peaked roof with the straight-sided walls with varying center heights, and virtually unlimited length. Width: from 16′ – 40′

Alpine Model Quonset


  Peaked roof with the sloping walls. Alpine model is available in many different sizes.  Width: from 20′ to 50′.

S Series Quonset


  Straight-sided walls with the rounded roof (clear span arch design) Width: from 20′ to 60′ feet.

Q Model Quonset


  Arch style buildings are available in virtually any length and height. Width: from 19′ to 100′.

MINI quonset


  Straight-sided walls with the curved roof, Width: 10′ – 20′ and are available in virtually unlimited lengths


Metal Pro’s Econospan Quonset building is engineered with a straight roof, straight sided, clear-span design. Econospan buildings have a uniform roof slope of 18 degrees (approximately 4:12 roof pitch), this allows us to offer the largest variety of width options, when compared to any company in the industry. The Econosopan has a standard range in width from 20′ to 40′ with varying center heights, and virtually unlimited lengths. This Quonset Hut is suited for a broad range of applications ranging from, storage, on-site offices, retail outlets, free-standing garages, workshops, mechanic shop applications and much more.


Alpine buildings feature a cathedral-style peaked roof with a 4:12 pitch. This Quonset building model is available in sizes ranging from 20′ to 50′ in width and varying center heights. Popularly known as the “wide-body Econospan”, it is designed as a tough, rugged and durable steel building solution. The Alpine is ideal for commercial offices, retail outlets, storage, workshops, warehousing, erecting in high snow area and so much more.


When in search for a straight side Quonset hut, look no further than Metal Pros S-Series buildings. They feature a straight-walled, multiple radius, clear-span arch design. Our Standard buildings range in width from 20 feet to 60 feet with varying center heights and virtually unlimited lengths. Custom buildings in excess of 60 feet in diameter are also readily available.  The S-Series Quonset building is very popular for medium-to-large industrial, agricultural and military applications, and has been increasing in demand for equipment storage, commercial offices, retail outlets, manufacturing facilities, garages, workshops and more. They may be used as permanent or portable steel sheds and may be dismantled and relocated if required.


Nicknamed “The Original Quonset”, our Arch Style buildings range in width from 19′ to 100′ and are available in virtually any length and height. These buildings feature single-radius, trussless, clear span construction, with steep sidewall clearances that make this model versatile, economical, and durable. Metal Pro has taken it a step further, by offering a single or double-lap construction for even more options. Arch Style buildings are suitable for a complete range of industrial, commercial, agricultural and military applications. They may be used as permanent or portable structures and can be dismantled and relocated if required


Looking for small utility sheds? We have you covered with our Mini buildings. Our popular Mini steel buildings are 10′ to 20′ wide and are available in virtually unlimited lengths. The Mini building is constructed with a reduced width and depth than our regular sized panel, that makes them easier to handle than our competition’s panels during construction.

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