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Easy Steel Building Financing

We provide our customers with the best steel building financing options on the market. Turn your dream building into a reality and reach your goals sooner through our lease financing!

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Metal Pro offers a simple and flexible way of buying the steel building you require to operate and grow your business, serving as an alternative to paying cash, taking a loan, issuing debentures, and other forms of financing. Low monthly payments are much easier than an upfront purchase. Conserve your bank lines for more important unforeseen expenses. See the many different ways in which our financing options can benefit your family and your business today.

Prefab garage steel building with one large door and one regular door.

BUILDING Financing MADE SIMPLE – It’s easy to get started

Complete our easy online application

*Takes less than 5 minutes

Just provide a few pieces of information – online or on the phone, it’s your choice. You must have already received a building quote to apply.


Review Your Options

Available as soon as 24 hours of application submission

Approvals can be issued on lease amounts of $50,000 and under within minutes of your submission. For amounts over $50,000, it can take up to one day to render a decision.

Receive your Building Funds

Available as soon as Same-Day

Upon approval, your financing documents will be emailed to you. Sign and return these documents so we can continue with the building ordering process.

How much does Building Financing Cost?

Financing is a very affordable option when it comes to steel buildings acquisitions. Your monthly payment is determined by the options you choose and can be tailored to fit your cash flow needs. If you want to know how financing affects your bottom line when compared to other options, consider the benefits of Financing vs. Borrowing vs. Cash.

How is the monthly payment calculated?

Monthly finance payments are determined based on a Finance Rate Factor: a periodic payment to a Lessor for the use of assets. The Finance Rate Factor multiplied by the Building Cost is equal to the amount of your monthly finance payment.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed by monthly debit to your bank account for each payment.



How do I account for financing in my company financials?

The finance options you choose upfront may have tax and accounting implications. Talk to your accountant or speak with your building specialist to determine the best options for you and your business.

Will I be charged tax on my finance plan?

The applicable taxes are added to the monthly finance payment and paid over the agreed upon term.




How fast can I be approved for financing?

Our financing plans are quicker and easier than the banks. ‏Get approved the same day and get the building you need to grow your business or your home.


Is there any tax benefits with financing?

Expense your monthly payments rather than depreciating the capital cost of the building over several years. Pay less taxable income while getting the building you need today. Ask us about our tax savings finance structures and consult your tax advisor.

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Building Financing Example


John wants to buy a storage building for approximately $50.000 CAD for his business, he has received a building quote but doesn’t want to pay the full total up front.


He applies for Online Financing via our application form. The next day he receives an email with financing quote options for the building. One of these options is a $40,000 lease approval at 4% annual interest with a $1800 monthly payment plan.


Once John approves this financing option and payment plan, his Metal Pro building specialist will be notified, he can deposit $10,000 on the building and have the remaining balance of $40,000 covered via the building financing payment plan. With this approval and a small building deposit, John can continue to finalize his order and set a delivery date for his building.