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Steel buildings made in Canada are the most attractive, versatile, and durable prefabricated rigid buildings on the marketplace today. When you choose Canadian steel for your steel building project, you’re choosing a solution that is backed and stamped by certified Canadian engineers.

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Rigid Frame Steel Building Systems

We are 100% Canadian owned and operated.
Supplying steel buildings to North America and internationally. We use the highest-rated grade steel in the industry, and all of our Straight Wall Systems; come with 3-sets of Certified Engineered Building Drawings & Anchor plans stamped by a Canadian engineer.

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Prefab garage steel building with two doors.

Find Out Why our Rigid Frame Building Systems are our Most Versatile Kits

Our Steel Buildings can be optimized and designed to accommodate virtually any project needs. Whether you’re in the market for a safe place to store your precious vehicle, a workshop, warehouse, shop building, riding arena, steel barn, or anything in between. We have the perfect steel building package for you. Our durable, long-lasting rigid frame building packages come in a variety of models, configurations, and styles, from commercial to residential, our expert team of building specialists are always ready to find you the perfect solution that will meet your exact needs.

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Residential Steel Building Packages

Our Residential rigid building garage packages come in a variety of different styles and sizes. We offer a plethora of models of virtually any size, our custom pre-engineered straight wall metal buildings also have numerous accessory options, including Windows, Doors, Insulation, and Ventilation.

Looking for an open concept column-less prefabricated building?

Our large spacious Clear Span or Multi-span rigid frame packages enable you to maximize the amount of space in your structure. Not only will you be able to store your vehicle and heavy equipment with ease, but our open-air design allows you to easily install any additional shelving or storage needed. Windows, Doors and a variety of other accessories can be added to any side or part of the building. Our team of building specialists and engineers will work with you every step of the way to design the perfect solution to fit your exact application and project needs.


The manufacturer provides a complete array of standard accessory items available for all structure types.

Ventilator fans, single nuts and bolts system, baseplates, u-channels and many other options.

Colour Options

Construct the building of your dreams and express yourself with our various colour options, customize the entire look of your building by selecting the Corner Colour, Eave Colour, Wall Colour, Gable Colour, Jamb Colour and Roof Colour.


Wide variety of fiberglass panels with virtually unlimited placement options. Material is a quality 12 oz ., 16 oz. , or 24 oz. fiberglass panel designed to be installed as a replacement for standard steel sections for ease of erection.


We offer a variety of different insulation materials for our steel buildings.

Available as a pre-cut blanket for the easy installation. Typically between 3″ – 6″ inches for both wall and roof. It is used for ceiling and walls insulation in pre-engineered buildings.

*Our prefab garages are compatible with all conventional insulation methods – spray on, fiberglass rolls, or rigid foam.


Get the airflow and air quality you want from your garage with our various ventilation options, From Ridge vents to 3 X 3 Fixed Louvers we have you covered! 

Vents are perfect for those looking to work with hazardous fumes within their garages.



Change the functionality and aesthetic of your garage with our various door options,        from 3 X 7 Full Panel Walk Doors to a 6 X 7 Narrow Glass Double Walk Door Kit, completely customize your garage by placing doors anywhere on your building.


Customize your garage by installing windows on virtually any part of the building. Get the perfect amount of natural light and visibility with our custom windows, from a 3 X 3 Insulated Horizontal Sliding window to Vertical Sliding 6 X 3 window, we have many options you can use to customize your garage to suit your exact needs.

Prefab garage with two doors

Rigid Steel Buildings In Canada For Commercial and Industrial Uses

Durability, rugged design, and maximized usability are what auto repair shops, vehicle dealerships, retail stores, RV garages, welding shops, or any other commercial businesses expect from their prefabricated steel buildings. Nothing is more durable than our Galvalume Plus coated steel buildings, rest assured that your solution will stand the test of time every time.

When searching for the perfect steel solution for your project’s needs. You need a structure that is not only functional and efficient but also durable and affordable. Our team of building specialists and engineers will always go the extra mile when finding you the perfect structure to fit your exact needs. Accessories, such as windows, doors, and ventilation, can be added to any part of our rigid buildings.

Steel Buildings Canada

Clear Span Buildings

Our Clear Span design is specifically engineered to use the maximum amount of “airspace” possible, in order to maximize storage. The Column-free interior design creates an open concept building. Choose from a variety of roof and siding styles, from double-sloped to single, to tapered and non-tapered.

Multi-Span Buildings

Our Multi-span frames are commonly used for building layouts that permit interior columns. The spacing of each column can be customized to meet any specific needs, large open floor spaces can be accommodated by using the minimum number of columns, allowing for open and closed-off separate spaces to be customized within the structure, making it easy for the movement of large equipment.

Lean-To Buildings

Primarily used for extension and expansions of existing structures in Canada, our lean-to frames can provide additional space very economically. This style is commonly used to provide additional storage or garage space. This is perfect for those wanting to expand the space of their already existing rigid frame building.

A lean-to frame style building must be supported by its attachment to another frame.

pole barn
Prefab garage steel building with one large door and one regular door.

Looking to add an additional space to your already constructed Steel Building?

Our Lean-To frame design allows you to easily add an extension to a pre-existing structure, making it easier than ever to add extra space to your existing rigid building.

Not happy with standard models?

Not a problem. You can have complete control over the building design, from the base trim to the peak box and rake angle. Make your structure completely your own, our team of building specialists and engineers will work with you every step of the way to create the building of your dreams.

How much does a 20x30 metal building cost?

Based on your specific model, design, and geographic location the price will vary, on average a 20×30 steel building E20-12X30 (with front & back endwall & 1 man door) = $14,890.00 (before tax) Click Here to calculate the exact price based on your location.

What is the average cost of a 40x60 metal building?

Depending on your specific model choice and geographic location, the price of a 40×60 metal building averages $47,300.00 (before tax) with 1 man door and Gutters (based on the current price of steel). Click Here to calculate the exact price based on your location.


What is the average price of a 60x100 steel building?

Based on your specific model, design and geographic location, a 60×100 steel building averages around $120,204.00 (before taxes) Click Here to calculate the exact price based on your location.


Why can’t I get an instant list of prices? Why are no Prices Listed?

Every building project is unique and every Metal Pro structure is designed to meet your exact needs at your specific geographic location. In order to calculate your building’s price, we will need to take into account local snow and seismic load requirements. Any accessory options will also impact the overall price of the kit. For these reasons, there is no default pricing for steel buildings and the price for every building project is calculated based on your specific requirements and location. Click Here to calculate the exact price based on your location.


Building Cost FAQs

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  • When I was looking for a smaller steel garage/port, I was extremely fortunate to have a salesman named Jude Cassimy help me with that I was looking for. He showed me exactly what I wanted and gave me quotes very quickly. Jude had great communication and was extremely thorough in trying to help me. Although I decided to go a different direction, Jude continued to have great service and provided support with questions. Metal Pro Buildings clearly has a high standard when it comes to business and customer service. Thank you!

    Rolan Mendoza Avatar Rolan Mendoza
    January 25, 2024

    We were very satisfied customers with very quick turn around with our multiple scenario quotes for a project at the Toronto Cricket Club. Jude Cassimy in sales answered all calls, gave sound advice, and knew local by laws and engineering aspects to help us make an informed decision. I would certainly recommend Metal Pro from my experience. Steve Pataki Director of Facilities, Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club

    Steven Pataki Avatar Steven Pataki
    January 11, 2024
  • I would like to say thanks and give a five star plus to Jude Cassimy for helping through this process of choosing and ordering my garage. No matter how often I called with questions he was always so patient and polite. He made the process so much easier. Thanks again.

    Alicia Dupuis Avatar Alicia Dupuis
    December 25, 2023

    Working with JV at Metal Pro, very friendly and helping guy. I like their no pressure sales process, they provide lots of information and even the manual for erecting the Quonset building before making the purchase, this is awesome!

    Lewis McMiller Avatar Lewis McMiller
    September 25, 2023

Our success is measured by how our clients feel about their experience with us




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quonset beach house
Prefab Garage Completed



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large commercial warehouse
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Prefab Garage Completed
Prefab Garage Completed


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Quonset aircraft hangar kit
Industrial Storage building

Finish Your Dream Project with our Canadian Buildings

Buying and constructing steel buildings Canada is always a huge decision, one that is usually only be made once in your life, so you need to make sure you’re doing it right the first time.

You deserve to work with a company that treats you like family, a company you can trust. We make construction easy with our available kits, but that’s just the beginning, our dedicated team of specialists are always available to answer any questions that you might have and they are always eager to get you started on your dream project!

You’re free to fully customize your buildings’ design, add windows, doors, and accessories to any part of the structure. We try our best to make ordering the building as easy as possible, try out our online estimator or talk with one of our specialists in our live-chat to get an instant answer to all your questions.

As an added bonus, we offer a standard 30-year warranty with every rigid building package, so you can be certain that your new investment will last for the long haul.


We’ll contact you to recommend the best solution for your project and answer any questions you may have.


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